Top 10 Best File Sharing Websites to Make Use of 2019

Top 10 Best File Sharing Websites to Make Use of 2019

This is a review on the best file sharing websites. We all know what a file hosting or sharing website, and for any reason, you don’t know I will still spare the grace to throw more light on file hosting site.

So this writes up will be all about the file hosting sites that are in combination with paid file sharing websites and the free ones.

And another thing is that most of this file hosting sites, stand a chance to pay you depending on the number of leads you generate to your download links. This way you can make a lot of money online especially if you share a lot of mobile phone tools which are in great demand today.

Now to know define more about file hosting/sharing websites, it is necessary to note that it is a form of websites that provide download links to file types irrespective of its size.

You can see lighter definition about file hosting websites on Wikipedia to learn more.

Now let’s see the list of best file hosting sites out there and of course being the best doesn’t actually mean they are free.

Let me tell you also that in my next article I will show you some great websites that pay you to upload files and share the file links. This is like a pay per download website for some of you who already know what that means, and with it, you can stand a chance to make a lot of money.

Best File Sharing Websites 2019

1. Dropbox

The first we should have here is dropbox. This is one of the best file upload site for any kind of files. Dropbox is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork—so you can focus on the things that matter.

To own a dropbox account it is very simple and can be done in minutes. You can sign up for a dropbox account either with your details or preferably do so with your Gmail account. As simple as that, and you can as well download dropbox mobile app for both iPhone and android device. It is a lot much easier uploading dropbox account on the mobile end device, as it saves you the time, stress and energy to lean back and operate a computer. Follow this link to sign up for a dropbox account and begin uploading your files.

2. WeSendit

Wesendit speaks of one of the best file sharing website in terms of being the safest and easiest way to send large files across. When you sign up on this website, you automatically get a 20GB storage space allocated to you for file upload. No registration is required to send or receive files on WeSendit site, follow here to sign up for a free account and start sending sile asap.

3. Sendspace

Sendspace is a file upload website that offers free and paid package for users who wish to send files and photos that are too large to be sent as an email attachment. So you can use any of this service to upload the fil, get the link and send back to your user via email or phone number.

This website also makes it easier to send files to wherever you want to get it to by making use of the new feature drag and drop on the website interface.

As you can see you don’t even need anything like sign up to start sending files on sendspace. Follow the link here to try out sendspace services.


4. MyAirBridge

This is another cool file sharing website that makes it possible to send files easily via email. Myairbridge gives you access to a whopping 20GB storage capacity to send files across in minutes.

Sending of files on this website is very easy, and I will give you some quick tips on how to send files on myairbridge website.

How to Make Use of MyAirBridge Site

  1. To send or upload file to myairbridge site, you have to start the process by visiting myairbridge website.
  2. Then accept and give consent to the site TOS.
  3. You will be taken to another page, here you have to pick the kind of service you would like to operate with.
  4. You can highlight the main menu at the top of the website to see myairbridge plans. There you can also click on the link to sign up for an account with your details to start sending files.

5. HighTail

According to Wikipedia, Hightail is a website that I feel must be on this list of best file sharing websites. This is because this website offers a wonderful, unique and professional services.

It is necessary to note that Hightail website offers you the opportunity to send large files across. Not only those it offers file sharing services, but it also offers a creative collaboration feature that helps you collect and keep all your assets in one place. Follow this link here to create and make use of hightail website services.

6. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is another big Banga on the list of the best file sharing websites out there. With WeTransfer website you can send files in a simple way around the world.

This website gives you a free 2GB storage capacity upon sign up to send your files successfully. It is one of the best free file sharing or hosting website you can think of making use of especially for small business. To sign up for WeTransfer and get your 2Gb free space to send files, follow this link to do so.

So guys that is it on the best file hosting and file sharing websites you can think of making use of this 2019. Now I will be putting down some few recommended free file hosting websites to make use of in case you lack the capital for a premium account.

Best Free Online File Sharing Websites

1. Google Drive

As you hear the name, it belongs to Google and I can tell you is one of the best free file sharing websites you can think of making use of today. One good thing with this website is that it gives access to users to operate them once you own a Google account.

You can simply make use of Google Drive by clicking on the menu icon located on your google account to access Google products and services.

I like making use of google drive to share files because it makes it very easy to upload, send files to any place you want it to be. And they offer great file downloading speed especially for downloading a large sum of the file.

You can try out G suite professional package to get a better and more fascinating experience about Google products.

Here is a link to locate Google drive, and from there you can easily upload your file, generate a shareable link and forward it your friends.

2. OneDrive

Onedrive is a product of Microsoft Inc. It is one of the easiest and simpler way to send files. A lot of users normally ask the question if Microsoft Onedrive account is free? And I am going to answer this question today …

Microsoft onedrive offers every user a free 5GB storage space to do whatever thing you like. And then you can decide to go for more storage space to get a better experience of Microsoft drive services. When you already own a Microsoft account, you don’t need to go over the signup the step to create another Onedrive account. All you need to do to start making use of Microsoft Onedrive services is to sign in to your Microsoft account, from there you can now access Onedrive services to send or receive files successfully.

3. Mega Upload

Mega file upload is a complete standalone platform that supports cloud hosting for file uploading and downloading. It is a Hong Kong-based file sharing services that make it possible for one to easily upload and send a link around the world.

It is very suitable for folks who indulge in online tutorials, like to upload tutorial videos. Reason being that this file sharing website has the capacity to playback videos online. Just like downloading Utorrent files it makes it easier also to download files from Mega.

To access Mega file sharing website, make use of the site link and I will give you a simple step on how to upload files to Mega site.

Steps on How to Upload to Mega

In Conclusion, I have craftily written this article from my head and many researched to give you the best list when it comes to the best file sharing websites to make use of either for small business or large scale businesses.

So if you have any question regarding this, feel free to leave a comment behind but in the meantime, you can help by clicking the share button.

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