Steps on how to Unblock Blocked Website URL On Facebook

Steps on how to Unblock Blocked Website URL On Facebook

Today I will show you how to unblock blocked URL on facebook easily.So folks in this article I will teach you how to unblock blocked URL on Facebook so you can be able to share your links on Facebook again.

Facebook is a great place to create an audience because Facebook contains over millions of users of people coming from different part of the word excluding china who their government has restricted internet censorship to certain websites and applications.

But if you are in china you can be able to access Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram which are among the blocked websites in China with a VPN app. That’s, by the way, let’s see how one can go about unblocking blocked website on Facebook.

Before then there are few things you need to bear in mind like the possible reasons which lead to Facebook blocking a URL.

Let’s find out

Why Facebook Block URLs

Like I have said already if Facebook has blocked your site URL due to one reason or the other, then there are a couple of things to bear in mind here because Facebook can’t knowingly block a website URL if it didn’t violate Facebook community TOS.

So I can genuinely tell you that your URL can get blocked on Facebook if you post spammy links on Facebook community. A couple of users can report your URL link to the Facebook team.

Another one is that if your website contains irrelevant or misleading contents as no one could possibly like this and even google Adsense is against it so it is always recommended you do the right thing the right way and avoid using a short cut means because it will only lead you into trouble.

Now I have said the best I can let me now show you the way to unblock blocked URLs on Facebook in case you are a victim.

How to Unblock Blocked URL On Facebook

  • First of all, if you have tried posting a link on Facebook and it didn’t go through then just know it that your URL has been blocked from sharing links on Facebook.
  • So follow the below steps to help unblock the blocked URL
  • Search for Facebook debugger on google the first link you will see leads you right to it.



  • Input your website URL in the URL field provided e.g a click on go.
  • You should see the debugger return a red link showing that your URL link is inaccessible by the Facebook algorithm.


  • That’s it and then to unblock it follow the process to apply for an appeal to get your URL unblocked. But before you do that make sure you have cleared that irrelevant stuff that leads to your URL getting blocked on Facebook.
  • Also, it is advisable to stay safe from link spamming on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because any of this site can block you out immediately to protect their user goals.

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So that’s it on how to unblock blocked URL on Facebook. While you have gained access to share links on Facebook this time around I don’t need to tell you to do it the right way.

Have fun

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